UMP Disability Services Unit

UMP has designated the Disability Services Unit (OkUMP) to determine eligibility for reasonable accommodations (academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and modification) for students with disabilities. This unit acts as a governance coordinator to create an inclusive and conducive campus environment/ecosystem for disabled people, coordinating efficient and effective management of disabled people at all levels of the university administration.


Computer labs for Students with Disabilities

UMP offers computer labs with disability access at UMP Pekan and Gambang. For reservation, please click this link.

How does a screen reader work?
It converts text on the screen into speech so that visually impaired people can listen to what is happening on the screen. If users interact with the computer, the screen reader will notify them of the action.

How to use it?
Download any of the provided screen readers and install. Note that different screen readers have different styles/features; this can be studied in the user guideline by the software provider. Once installed, you can turn it on or off. You can also set it to automatically turn on every time you power on your computer.


Flow of use

Screen reader converts text to speech. When users browse a website, the screen reader will automatically read the whole website. It will read text from the top left of the screen to the bottom right. However, users can stop anywhere they want by pressing a specific key shortcut (for NVDA, press "Ctrl" to stop the screen reader from reading).

Users can press the next button to read the web elements one by one. For example, when users press next, the screen reader will read the button labels (provided there are buttons on the website). Users can also skip to the next landmark, title, heading, link, button, or image if they want. For image, the screen reader will read the image file format or alternate description if the image has it. If users find an input form in the website, the screen reader will notify users that the current element is an input; they can press "Enter" to change into focus mode to type letters using their keyboard. The screen reader will read the letters entered one by one to alert the users.

To use a button or enter a link, users also need to press "Enter". Some software/applications have their own shortcut keys that help users a lot. For example, users can just press Shift+V to turn on the camera in Zoom meetings.

The shortcut keys are general and applicable for all applications depending on the accessibility of the application.


Disability Friendly University

Disability is not an obstacle to becoming a member of the UMP community. Most of our buildings have access for disabled people. University is constantly being built, reconstructed, adjusted, and adapted to the needs of students with physical disabilities. Students with disabilities live in dormitory rooms adapted to their needs, with a possibility for their companions to be accommodated together.

Many academic programmes are flexible, and by organising the process of studies, they can be adapted to the needs of the students with disabilities, such as distance learning and various forms of examination. The university provides students with disabilities with learning or educational tools and devices to be used during their studies.

In UMP, students with disabilities will always be heard and understood. They can always participate and contribute in the process of making comfortable conditions for learning, studying, and living.




Sign language interpreter or note-takers for hearing impaired

In UMP, the visually impaired students are assisted by Disability Service Unit.
Please contact Dr. Munira Binti Abdul Razak for further details if needed at or 095493119.